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Sports Socks


Tactel inner layer stays with the foot, wicking away moisture, whilst the soft merino wool/ cotton mix outer moves with the shoe 
Unique NILIT Breeze ultra-soft lining keeps feet feeling refreshed and comfortable. 
By reducing the build-up of lactic acid, accelerating blood circulation and preventing muscle oscillation, this sock minimises muscle fatigue and soreness. 

Breaks the conventional sock mould with innovative design and technology to provide a sock that offers everything: BLISTER FREE GUARANTEE, together with padded comfort and protection. 
Unique double layer construction gives outstanding comfort with no blisters and no wear-out within 1000 miles of use. Knitted to approximately ankle length for those who prefer a shorter sock. 
Single layer sock. Features the unique properties of Cupron, up to 20% lighter than conventional wool. 

Unique double layer construction with a Tactel inner liner. The combination of fibres and top venting maintain a comfortable temperature for the foot. Arch bracing gives additional support. 
The unique Tactel inner layer wicks away perspiration to the moisture-absorbing outer layer, keeping the feet dry. 

Combed cotton. Fully padded. Fine rossoe toe seam. 
Class 2 medical compression to aid performance, improve circulation & reduce fatigue & swelling. 

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